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If you have a PA Courthouse picture you would like to have featured here please send the picture as an attached .jpg. We'll credit your photo if we use it. Thanks!

From Northumberland County, (affectionately known by the locals as "Norry" we show the courthouse in Sunbury, where the Susquehanna River's "east" branch meets the west branch. 2 nice pictures submitted by a traveler from the state of Washington - Cheryl Stromdahl. Thanks Cheryl!

Mystic Mountain Estates
Vacation Village

From Cameron County, we show the courthouse in Emporium, a quaint town ringed with mountains.

From the Franklin County commissioners office we have a nice picture of their courthouse in wintertime.

Above is a nice view of the Lawrence County courthouse, one of our favorites in New Castle, while over on the right is the Fayette County courthouse in the Laurel Highlands, part of Pittsburgh and its Countryside.

Fayette County

The Elk County courthouse in Ridgway, should be seen by more people, as should Pennsylvania's elk herd which makes its home here.

...while the whole of Jefferson County,including Brookville and Cook Forest, is worth exploring. Both counties are part of the PA Wilds

From Potter County, "God's Country" we show the courthouse in Coudersport, where they now even have a McDonald's and the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania is a stone's throw away!
From our friend Tom Nagy, we have a picture of the Cambria County Courthouse in Ebensburg, PA.

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