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Our family owned and operated successful online business has been active for over 23 years. We have focused on online marketing for small travel and vacation oriented businesses including hotels, motels, campgrounds, vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts and attractions.

We grew the business from one county in PA to over 1000 counties in 23 states from Maine to South Carolina and the West Coast. (The travel alone was worth the experience!).

At one time we had revenues in excess of $240,000 annually with operating expenses substantially smaller.

But time passes, we are old, have occasional health problems, eye sight issues, and need to retire. The business is still active.

To see what we have done CLICK HERE.

We are willing to sell to any young entrepeneurs who want to take a shot at their American dream with the hopes that their dreams will be as rewarding as ours have been.

The business would include a very large database with lots of domain names, existing clients, thousands of potential leads, e-mails, addresses, etc to help you grow quickly.

And we are willing to sell for "retirement sale" price somehwere in the mid to upper 5 digits price range.

If you are interested, our office phone is 570-321-8558. My personal cell phone is 570-337-5667.

This is a serious offer and serious inquiries only, please.

Bill Hall, owner - US Visitors Network