Gettysburg and Adams County, Pennsylvania
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Gettysburg and Adams County, PA



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Many of the County Links above will keep you specifically in Gettysburg and Adams County, PA, specifically in the PA Dutch country.

Known as the largest producer of apples in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Adams County carries the nickname of Apple Capital USA. 20,000 of its acres are dedicated to production of all kinds of fruit. From late spring to late fall fruit lovers line the numerous farmers markets for the freshest in-season fruit.

And, had history been different, that is all this quiet, quaint Pennsylvania county would have been known for. However, on June 30, 1863 a few men from Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia met a few men from George Meade's Army of the Potomac and the history of the world changed. Gettysburg. The high tide for the Confederacy in the Civil war was reached when a couple of men breached the wall at the "Angle" during Pickett's Charge. They were captured or killed and the Confederacy was doomed.

Imagine yourself on either side those three days wondering what you would have done in the battle that ensured, in the words of Abraham Lincoln "that this Nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom; and that government of the People, by the People and for the People shall not perish from the earth."

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